One Australian artist who excels in pushing boundaries within EDM is MINCY, affectionately known as Sydney’s “Queen of Bass” due to her prowess in crafting subgenres such as grime, dubstep, and trap into cohesive musical masterpieces.


MINCY’s popularity skyrocketed after launching her record label Extra Spicy, which has released tracks from artists all around Australia. However, MINCY herself also possesses remarkable skills when it comes to studio work. The Sydney native boasts extensive airplay on prestigious British radio stations like Rinse FM, Reprezent, and Subtle, where she flaunts her mixing abilities alongside heavyweight acts like Madam X, Conducta, and Preditah. But despite her international acclaim, MINCY remains humble when it comes to her live performances. She once declared, “I love playing small clubs just as much as big ones; it’s always great to see people enjoying themselves dancing regardless of the size of the venue!” Indeed, whether appearing before modest crowds at Melbourne’s legendary Revolver Upstairs or headlining major festivals like Lost Paradise and Output, MINCY consistently delivers dazzling shows characterized by creative transitions between different styles and tempos.


As MINCY prepares to hit the club for her AURORA debut in June, we are eagerly anticipating her arrival. Expect a memorable performance that integrates elements of reggaeton, footwork, and future funk into her signature style. Tickets for AURORA ft. Mincy & Flexy Ferg are on sale now. Grab your tickets here and save!