Mark Farina describes his job as a modern-day traveling minstrel. His mission? To introduce new music and unearth obscure records. Growing up in Chicago, the birthplace of house music, he developed his musical taste, mentored by Derrick Carter who was one of the pinnacles of Chicago’s 90’s house wave.


His hobby of collecting records turned into a career when he signed with KMS Records in 1989, producing the ground-breaking ambient house track “Mood”. Farina’s musical prowess extended to radio mixes, where he collaborated with Carter at North-western University.


In the early 1990’s, Farina pioneered Mushroom Jazz, blending downtempo tunes with jazzy elements. San Francisco embraced the movement, leading to the creation of the legendary Mushroom Jazz Club. Eventually, the club transformed into a CD series and tours, expanding the reach of Farina’s unique sound.


Mark Farina continues to captivate audiences worldwide, playing over 200 shows a year, from deep Chicago house to his signature Mushroom Jazz. His contributions have earned him a place among the top DJs globally and his mix albums have received critical acclaim.


Farina’s passion for music knows no bounds as he travels the globe, connecting people with exceptional sounds and hidden treasures of the music world. We are so excited to have Mark back in Brisbane after a long 10 years and know this is going to be another unforgettable instalment of Zen & The Art of House. Tickets are on sale now and will sell out, secure yours here.