NBA live on the Stadium Screen
March 25

NBA Live and win a Jersey!


Who needs a league pass when you can catch The NBA Live on the Stadium screen with a cold Coors and a tasty feed?!

The NBA Season is in full swing so book your table and try your hand at winning your favourite teams Jersey thanks to Coors!

Thu Apr 8 Jazz vs Suns
Fri Apr 9 Lakers vs Heat
Fri Apr 9 Suns vs Clippers
Sat Apr 10 76ers vs Pelicans
Sat Apr 10 Rockets vs Clippers
Sun Apr 11 Lakers vs Nets
Mon Apr 12 Heat vs Trail Blazers
Tue Apr 13 Lakers vs Knicks
Tue Apr 13 Nuggets vs Warriors
Wed Apr 14 Clippers vs Pacers
Wed Apr 14 Celtics vs Trail Blazers
Thu Apr 15 Nets vs 76ers
Thu Apr 15 Bucks vs Timberwolves
Thu Apr 15 Mavericks vs Grizzlies
Fri Apr 16 Bucks vs Hawks
Fri Apr 16 Celtics vs Lakers
Sat Apr 17 Clippers vs 76ers
Sat Apr 17 Knicks vs Mavericks
Sun Apr 18 Jazz vs Lakers
Sun Apr 18 Warriors vs Celtics
Sun Apr 18 Spurs vs Suns
Mon Apr 19 Pelicans vs Knicks
Mon Apr 19 Nets vs Heat
Tue Apr 20 Warriors vs 76ers
Tue Apr 20 Jazz vs Lakers
Wed Apr 21 Nets vs Pelicans
Wed Apr 21 Clippers vs Trail Blazers
Thu Apr 22 Suns vs 76ers
Fri Apr 23 76ers vs Bucks
Fri Apr 23 Lakers vs Mavericks
Sat Apr 24 Celtics vs Nets
Sat Apr 24 Nuggets vs Warriors
Sun Apr 25 Raptors vs Knicks
Sun Apr 25 76ers vs Bucks
Sun Apr 25 Lakers vs Mavericks
Mon Apr 26 Celtics vs Hornets
Mon Apr 26 Suns vs Nets
Mon Apr 26 Kings vs Warriors
Tue Apr 27 Lakers vs Magic
Wed Apr 28 Mavericks vs Warriors
Thu Apr 29 Bulls vs Knicks
Thu Apr 29 Clippers vs Suns
Sat May 1 Wizards vs Cavaliers
Sat May 1 Jazz vs Suns
Sun May 2 Warriors vs Rockets
Sun May 2 Wizards vs Mavericks
Sun May 2 Nuggets vs Clippers
Mon May 3 Nets vs Bucks
Mon May 3 76ers vs Spurs
Tue May 4 Warriors vs Pelicans
Tue May 4 Nuggets vs Lakers
Wed May 5 Nets vs Bucks
Wed May 5 Raptors vs Clippers
Thu May 6 Knicks vs Nuggets
Fri May 7 Nets vs Mavericks
Fri May 7 Lakers vs Clippers
Sat May 8 Celtics vs Bulls
Sat May 8 Nuggets vs Jazz
Sun May 9 Grizzlies vs Raptors
Sun May 9 Nets vs Nuggets
Mon May 10 Heat vs Celtics
Mon May 10 Suns vs Lakers
Tue May 11 Jazz vs Warriors


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